Thursday, November 8, 2012

Billionaires versus the voters

The real election night heroes? The tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people who stood in line to vote for hours and hours and hours.

They wanted the free stuff all right – the freedom to vote.

Fix it. This is a national election. And a national disgrace. Same rules should apply in every voting booth across the country.

As much as anybody did, the GOP billionaires fired up the democratic base. Too much money spent on too many lying ads. It seems to me the super rich are the people who feel entitled. They think they can buy the United States.

The billionaires are livid. Good. You are the mirror to our outrage at your secret Super PAC money. Needs fixing, too, for the long-term health of the American system.

Finally, you know who had the best business model for running a campaign in the 21st Century? Obama with his laser-guided ground game.

The irony. And now the joy.


Ken Martin said...

Right on, George.

And you know what? The people of Austin spoke truth to power by passing--on the seventh attempt since 1973--a City Charter change for council members to be elected from 10 geographic districts.

A graphic on the cover of today's p.B1 cover in the local daily showed 10-1 was supported most strongly by everywhere but where most council members and all but one mayor lived when elected, from 1971 to date.

Now we get to watch them make the sausage to implement this for the 2014 elections. What fun!

Anonymous said...

Every single stinking one of those fat cats needs to read and see this piece. Not that they'd GET it necessarily....or care really....but if even ONE took note...well...

I still do not believe anyone has all the answers until pols from both sides forget about political parties..who is farther right or left..and remember they are Americans first and work for US..not their own greedy selves. Corrupt.

End of story. Great piece!!!

Anonymous said...

Still on cloud nine. One Texas disappointment though Sharon "Killer" Keller did not get ousted from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. It will be interesting to observe in future elections Texas with it's growing Hispanic population turns the state into one where Republicans are not a factor. Any speculation when Goodhair announces his presidential campaign?

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