Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gonna need a bigger clown car

GOP SEES RECORD BENCH FOR 2016 -- Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen: "Upwards of 15 prominent Republicans are privately contemplating 2016 campaigns for the presidency ... [Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Marco Rubio] both will unveil new policy plans at an awards dinner of the Jack Kemp Foundation [on Dec. 4]: Ryan will begin a new push on a more modern approach to alleviating poverty, focused on education; Rubio will lift the curtain on an economic empowerment message, heavy on college affordability and workforce training. That upcoming duet is one of the clearest signs that this presidential race is beginning as early as any in history. ... Rick Santorum is telling friends he wants to run again. Texas Gov. Rick Perry has said publicly that he might, too, and has begun talking to donors ... like he means it. ...POLITICO


Anonymous said...

I was just remembering today what George Christian said in 2002 before he died. He said R's had shown they could win elections, but it remained to be seen if they could govern. Ten years later, now, the answer

The South Plainsman said...

The GOP needs a new bench. Maybe some of the young guys and ladies can come up with something.

I knew george Christian pretty well. He didn't think anyone but Democrats could govern. He was about half right. Neither of them can.


Ken Martin said...

You would think we could get a rest from political speculation, yet here we are barely two weeks after the election and the jockeying has already begun. It would be nice if the politicians could give it a rest for a while. Aren't they in mourning?

מה חדש said...

i also know him. he was a wonderful man

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