Monday, December 17, 2012

Growing up in the gun culture

I hadn't really thought about it until now, but five times in my life, I’ve been too close to the working end of guns.

Before I graduated high school, I was shot at twice. Once for stealing hubcaps and once by a jealous delivery driver. Nobody in Lubbock thought much about it.

Years later, in an Austin high rise office, an angry guy pointed a .45 at my face. He was a lobbyist. Brilliant but crazy?

Then there was the the guy who pulled a gun out of his boot in the Headliner’s Club, one of Austin’s fanciest. Did I mention he was an Episcopal priest? Brilliant but crazy describes him, too.

But Jack Ruby was dumb as a sack of rocks. Probably crazy, too. He was standing next to me as he lunged out, shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald in the basement of the Dallas Police Department.



The South Plainsman said...

Only been shot at twice....on the same night. Quit carrying a gun after that. Figured I wouldn't have been somewhere I might get shot at if I weren't carrying.

Have not been shot at since.

It is an experience that will focus your mind.

Bill said...

My friend and fellow author George Phenix describes some of his close
encounters with individuals and guns. We were in the war and shooting there comes from everywhere at times. But a gun has a markedly simple effect..simply as a gun
I was volunteered for Shore Patrol duty on Kaui in Hawaii after the
war when our ship was on R and R. Shorten the story: a large sailor
was being beaten and kicked by others...I acted my part ran everybody off and the when the big guy got up(a good foot taller than I) I told him to head back to his ship...he replied with curses and took a couple of steps toward me....I had at my side a .45 Navy automatic..NO bullets. When he took those steps I merely put my right hand on the holster without shaking...he stopped, asked what I planned to do...I told him it was up to him. he turned and left. The mere presence of a big .45 had its effect.
Then there was that guy with an Italian rifle firing three shots killing a president wounding a governor. So don't tell me a gun lover needs huge rounds of ammunition..more than
one gun to hunt varmints or does seem they need that many rounds to kill people.
Thanks Bill

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