Monday, March 25, 2013

North Carolina -- wonder and beauty

Politics aside, we love our adopted state.

North Carolina is laced together with blue highways aplenty. If you visit, forget the interstates, choose instead the wonderful, scenic little roads that ripple with mountains and steep grades, switchbacks and hairpin turns, with forest shadows flashing across the roadway when the sun is low. Roll down your windows and let the fresh air wash in. You can breathe deep hereabouts.

Note: clouds are lower than they appear. Watch out for aging doctors and lawyers on motorcycles. And lucky is the big rig that makes it to second gear.

Such geographic diversity. The Blue Ridge Mountains team up with the Smokies in the west -- but not to be outdone, the Outer Banks just wrap you up with casual hospitality while you bathe in the Atlantic sea breezes. In between, there’s the Piedmont where the buffalo fed the Indians for 10,000 years.

Bonus: the Great Dismal Swamp is stunning.

Come see us. We’ve even found a BBQ joint that serves brisket right.

1 comment:

sph said...

sounds wonderful....

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