Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Talking dirty

Despite the sub-freezing weather -- or maybe because of it – the living things in our front yard are getting randy.

Yesterday, it was pop, pop, pop all the day long as the Bradford Pear opened buds into blossoms. Snow flurries notwithstanding.

The birds picked up the signal and went nuts. Four male cardinals actually beat each other with their wings as they tried to make a muscle that would impress the lone female in our stand of trees. In my humble opinion, she was not worthy of the effort. But you know boys.

The resident bunny who lives in the hedges came out with charged batteries looking for something to jump. Bushy tailed, a plus.

Speaking of amps, the ground squirrel constantly skittered madly across the yard. And back. Repeat. The source of all that energy has yet to emerge from under the steps. She’s modest.

Two squirrels were hanging upside down in the tree top. That’s all I can say about that.

Hey, baby. We discovered a new little goldfish in the back yard pond. Obviously they don’t hibernate all the time.

Last week around here, it was all so bucolic I wanted to invite Walt Disney to breakfast on the porch. This week, I’m thinking Hugh Hefner.

And I have this strange urge to go to Sears and buy some new pajamas.

1 comment:

Ken Martin said...

Beautifully written George. Life is good for you and that's evident. Keep 'em coming.

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