Saturday, April 20, 2013

Name that pond

Walden, Thoreau, Doonesbury – they all named their ponds. We should, too.

Shangri La, Valhalla, Dreamsicle Falls. Pick one.

“Why don’t we call it The Fish Pond?” she said and went back to sleep.

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Phil said...

If you were here in MN you'd have seen, yesterday, one of the most beautiful days in recent memory. It was the end product of 24 to 36 hours of wind driven rain changing to sleet changing to snow that left between 6 and 11 inches of heavy wet stuff everywhere. We were totally covered and it stuck around till late in the evening. And I mean totally. Every branch, power line, phone line, sides of buildings, street signs, every vertical surface had the stuff rammed into/onto it. And it stayed, frozen in place. Trees sagged, power lines hung low. We awoke to the heavy coating somewhat hidden by the gray. Then, for many minutes at a time, the sun came out and the lines emphasized by the snow were blindingly displayed. All in bright, clean white. Usually, when the trees get a coating like this, it lasts for only an hour or so, but not this time. We had a full day to enjoy the beauty while the snowplows that were not supposed to be in operation anymore came out unannounced and pushed the slop off the center lanes, up against the parked cars. Where there were empty parking spaces the plows dove in and out banking mounds behind and in front as well. Some folks will be there till summer. The melt has begun, Target field is being cleared once again for baseball on Monday and water is running in the streets, so we need a name for our little pot hole ponds too. They won't be around long so hurry up with your suggestions.

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