Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The wood pile in search of a fireplace

No. We don’t have a fireplace – I just like the way firewood looks stacked against the fence. Comfort for the eyes while promising warmth for the soul. 

It’s art.

For chilly nights, we do have an outdoor fire pit to sit around with friends, or just each other, That, too, it art. I grew weary of paying jacked grocery store prices for plastic sacks of firewood that was oft too green to catch. Heck, the way I figure it, this half cord paid for itself before the first snow.

As a bonus, this little woodpile is home to some bumble bees, at least one snake and a vigilant frog.

Buy some firewood. Make art.


Pam said...

I recalled reading and laughing at this NY Times piece a while back. I went looking for it, found it and thought you'd appreciate it.....taking art to a whole other level...


Tim O'Keefe said...


This is a little piece about chopping wood I wrote a couple of years ago. Indoors, outdoors, in the woods, on a beach. Give me fire. It's been the same throughout time.

I'm loving your blog with pictures.

Laura Burns said...

Could become home to termites.

George said...

Termites are a real risk. That's why the stack is at the back fence, as far from the house as possible.

I hope, I hope, I hope.

George said...

Thanks, Tim. Chopping wood is, indeed, basic. And the phlogiston mysteries are with us still this day. Fun and comfort.

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