Monday, May 13, 2013

White lightning and raisins

This is no joke. All I know is, it worked for both of us.  And we would like to pass it on to our older friends: gin-soaked golden raisins have relieved the pain of bursitis and arthritis – and walking is fun again. Clink.

Bursitis in our hips had become such a problem that we could barely tolerate the pain involved in walking to the corner and back. Our hips would lock up and hurt so much it made you mention your mother. Furthermore, my hands would ache as I was waking up every morning. I couldn’t make a fist, grip a hammer or squeeze the trigger of a semi-automatic. Not that I wanted to.

Yesterday, we went on the bus tour of the waterfalls, which required a little walking, not much, but enough to worry me. Could we enjoy the getting in and out of the bus and walking on uneven mountain paths to get just the right photo? Wouldn’t it be awful if we began to hurt and had to just sit in the bus with our noses pressed to the window like mournful hounds.

Lo. About half way through the tour we looked at each other with big smiles. We were walking again. Without a lot of pain. Barely any pain.

Maybe it will work for you. Hope so. Works faster for some people. Not at all for others.

Here’s how to brew up a jug. I don’t like gin so I buy mid-range priced pints to cut the bite. The guy at the liquor store says the little old ladies buy the good stuff.

Scoop up enough golden raisins to fill a 24 oz. Jar. Pour in a pint of gin. Tsk, tsk -- all of it. Refrigerate. And let ferment for 10 days. Then start spooning up 8-12 raisins every evening at bedtime.

Happy trails.


Pam said...

Just a little more info on the therapeutic value of gin-soaked raisins. I'm not saying what you read on this site is true about the merits of the more expensive brands, but it sounds logical. Read below. If true, it might be
worth a test the expensive stuff once or twice and see if it makes any difference in the level of your pain reduction.

George said...

i forgot to mention, my gait improved as well. i had been getting the old guy shuffle but now i can walk more freely. much. i think i could walk a straight line if a cop asked. who knew folk medicine could be so much fun.

Ken Martin said...

Thanks, George, something to keep in mind if the need ever arises.

Fortunately the worst I've suffered are the cramps that hit me at the end (fortunately) of Saturday's 50-mile bike ride with three friends, ages 56, 58, 62, and 73 (I'm the latter). I dubbed us the BBCC, the Big Belly Cycling Club.

Laura Burns said...

I tried this before but did not soak for 10 days. Maybe that was my problem. It did not cure my arthritis but was a lousy snack.

George said...

Have you tried peanuts in a Dr. Pepper?

Anonymous said...

Just left pharmacist after checking to make sure the gin remedy was safe to use w/ heart meds. He laughed and said to go for it. Thought he might try it himself.
We bought the golden raisins yesterday. Today we go to the liquor store.

Egypt said...

very nice

Laura Burns said...

OK, I take it back. Have been taking them, feel much better.

George said...

Before, I could barely walk around the block. Last week, I walked three miles.

It doesn't work for everybody, but I am thankful it works for me.

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