Thursday, June 27, 2013

Two crazy kids from Lubbock

How about a feel good story.

We were in the Class of ’57. If you are old enough to have attended Monterey High School the first three years, you might get a kick out of this, a geezer story worthy of being told. If you are young at heart, you might like it, too.

From our junior year at MHS through two years at Tech, I was madly in love with Lyn Ellen Hammack. But it didn’t work and we both married other people.

After a couple of divorces and fifty years of no contact, we connected on the Internet. I mean connected. And I wasn’t going to let her get away again. Cue the violins. Tweet the birds. Soften the moonbeams.

I sold my downtown Austin condo, sold my convertible, sold my newsletter business and ran away with a girl. Herself. Yessir, that same girl. Lyn Ellen Hammack.

She had a home in Minneapolis and I bought a retirement condo in Austin so naturally we became snowbirds. To outrun the bad weather, we spent winters in Texas, summers in Minnesota. Her 90 year old mother and her little dog rode the Interstate with us. And Virginia lived with us until she died peacefully in her bed.

We’ve been together nearly seven good years now. Not a minute too soon. Both of us have pacemakers, both are cancer survivors. But we think of ourselves as healthy -- except when we both set off the metal detectors at the airport security gate.

A year ago, we sold the MN home and moved to a little cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains of N. Carolina for a better year-round retirement climate.

We call our place Friday Mountain. (With a hat tip to Walter Prescott Webb and J. Frank Dobie.)


Ken Martin said...

That's a beautiful love story, George. I'm so glad that you and the Mystery Woman reconnected and are able to enjoy this time together. Ain't love grand?

paula said...

Beautiful! I have a similar story but it's not quite as bubbly. Enjoy and best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Great story, George. So very much like ours. We met 40 years ago. Didn't quite get together then, but never forgot one another. Each went though two marriages in the interim.

10 years ago she was online looking up stuff about Costa Rica where she had visited and came to love. And she found out that I was living there and had written a book about it. She wrote me and we kept writing.

I returned a couple of years later to Tennessee where she was living. Got married 6 years ago and have been happy ever since.

Not only are our stories similar, but we live right down the road from you.

Enjoyed the post.

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