Thursday, April 10, 2014

This is how I roll 

After years and years off my bicycle, I got back up a few days ago. I managed to eke out a paltry .8 of a mile before my legs turned to J-E-L-L-O. I was grateful for every stop sign.

Today, I nearly doubled that with a total of 1.4 miles. Mountain miles, remember.

I hope you are laughing with me. Those are not big numbers. Paltry is too kind. But they are my numbers – and they feel gooder than hell. And here’s the thing – the endorphins came back.

My new pacemaker battery has five and a half years. Wonder how far I can get in five and a half years…

I’m outta here.


The South Plainsman said...

Go as far as you possibly can.

Ken Martin said...

Way to go, George! I'll be back on the bike soon. I had the last visit with my surgeon today and he says I'm good to go after the second collarbone break in six months.
"After decades of cyclists rolling through four-way stops, this behavior is now considered normal, and the general motoring public has been trained to expect it. When confronted with lawful behavior (i.e., actual stopping) from cyclists at four-way stops, drivers tend to freeze. They become indecisive and confused, and the whole system breaks down, if only for a brief moment." -- Robert Hurst, The Art of Urban Cycling (2004).

George said...

Get back soon, Ken. You're my leader.

Riverwatch said...

Batteries? I used to be a critical care nurse and we "changed batteries" for a lot of pacemaker patients. The real question is how many batteries will you use up?
Best wishes.

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