Sunday, May 11, 2014

Top o' the morning

Wine-making update: Is it wine? Or is it Aqua Velva? Enough of the particulates have drifted to the bottom of the carboy so we can siphon a sample for two tests to determine whether it is really wine.

I’m entitled to be nervous. This is my first solo batch.

First, the hydrometer. It appears to be floating at the right marker.
Second, the clarity test. The liquid is a little dark but clear.
Third, the taste test.  Yep. By the second glass, I can report a slight buzz.

It’s official. It’s wine.

Good thing. I’ve invested several hundred bucks in equipment and I’m up to my ass in corks.

1 comment:

Ken Martin said...

You're never too young to learn a new skill, eh, George?

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