Sunday, July 13, 2014

Birthday presents for the ex-pats in your life

A Google search for the nearest WHATABURGER scared hell outta me. Saudi Arabia. So I clicked again and this time the answer was Birmingham or Tallahassee. That’s better, but not good enough.

So my sister put together a care package for Lyn Ellen’s birthday present. The mustard and ketchup were easy -- on sale at the groceries back in Texas.

It was the buns that posed the problem. For some reason, WHATABURGER no longer sells just buns. We were turned down last year in Oklahoma and the panhandle.

My sister’s secret?

She walked in, she asked for the manager, and then she cried.

And she walked out of the burger joint with four buns and overnighted them to us in N. Carolina. Lawd.

Next month, we’re talking brisket and pork chops from Coopers.


Ken Martin said...

Not the complete taste of Texas, but it'll have to do. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

What a sad story. I think I'll venture down to Maudies for some cheese enchiladas and a Margarita.

George said...

Maudies? See if they can ship an order of the Tio Chon enchiladas. We got the Margaritas already.

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