Friday, July 4, 2014

One ringy dingy...

I like to think I’m smart enough to understand how to use all the bells and whistles on my new iPhone. But I’m not.

So we signed up for the how-to class right after paying for the phones. The next morning, nine of us were waiting at the door. Each of us north of 70.

The young man teaching the class was slow and patient, a double blessing. First question: “How do you turn it off?” That set the tone. We were open in our ignorance.

Finally someone asked: “Where can I buy a manual?”

The young man’s response was astonishing: “Nobody makes manuals anymore. These phones are too complicated. The book would be too thick. Today, we use the Q&A technique. If you have a problem, get in the search mode, ask your question and the answer should pop up.”

Nobody makes manuals anymore! It has finally happened. Technology has outrun human understanding. And how do you get in the search mode?

I’ve got a question: What time do the bars open in N. Carolina?


Laura Burns said...

I am signed up to take a geezer iPhone class July 22. Don't feel bad; the operating system is not intuitive.

Ken Martin said...

George you're really slipping if you are just now realizing that "Nobody makes manuals anymore" and strongly suspect that you are exaggerating for effect. Much like my wife, who never lets the facts get in the way of a good story. But do keep writing your good stories, and facts be damned.

paula said...

George, did you hear who will be moving into your neighborhood, just as soon as he finishes his tour of duty? BHO, himself. They bought or are buying a home in Asheville, down the road a piece from you. Say hello to him for me, will ya, if you bump into him at the 7-11!

George said...

Looking forward to some pick-up basketball games with the new neighbors. Of course, the WH will not confirm the real estate deal

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